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 Community Resources


A goal here at the Sierra Meditation Center is to provide a resource for the public to experience a wide range of individuals, groups, and establishments that share our values of cultivating personal growth and well-being through practices such as meditation and other wholistic modalities.

We are proud to present the following kindred entities to the larger community:


Nevada County Community Online Bulletin Board, serving the local progressive community to post and receive local events, announcements, sales, wants, etc.  NECCOBB is free, and is a membership - only service which protects our members' personal information and avoids non-local advertising.

Angelika Schafer offers kirtans and concerts that "soothe, heal and inspire. Angelika sings ancient Sanskrit healing chants, mantras and her own original songs in English and other languages, sharing pure love and celebration; embracing all expressions of divinity, all paths, all of life.  Her angelic, healing voice is a beautiful instrument which she accompanies with tamboura, guitar, keyboard, flute, and a variety of other instruments and harmonies to create an enchanting sound experience and spiritual space".  Angelika also offers wonderfully healthy raw foods retreats and workshops. Visit her web site at

Barry and Joyce Vissell, founders of the Shared Heart Foundation, offer their life changing "Living From The Heart" workshop. They have authored several books including "The Shared Heart", "Risk To Be Healed", "Models Of Love", "The Heart's Wisdom", and their newest, "Meant To Be".
"Barry and Joyce plough through the journey with great inner strength and deep respect for reflective inner tuning"

                                  ~Ram Dass

Steven Walters,one of the most mindful musicians we have had the pleasure to experience, offers concerts, workshops, and music for sangha.  His creativity "overflows with inspiration, devotion, peace, joy, and gratitude".

Sierra Foothills Sangha, in the tradition of spiritual teacher Adyashanti, hosts gatherings geared towards mindfulness and non-dual wisdom.  Satsangs are often lead by Larry Melton or others who Adyashanti has personally requested to teach. They are dynamic, engaging, and bring us closer to our inner truth. For more information, please contact Kathi Jones-Lorenz at 530-878-7416 or the Center at 530-265-5764

Amachi Satsang Groups Chant, sing devotional songs, and meditation with devotees of Amachi. Monday evenings in North San Juan 530-292-0239; Tuesday evenings in Grass Valley 530-272-4340.

Tantra Yoga Meditation: In the tradition of Kali Ma, we host a guided meditation practice including mantra, pranayama (breathing techniques), prayer and tantra yoga techniques which dissolve tensions revealing peace and aliveness. This is open to everyone and takes place every Wednesday evening at 11886 Thunder Road in Grass Valley. For more information please call 530-432-8378.  and


Sacred Music Events is a family-owned production company dedicated to offering the best in sacred, devotional and healing music and events.  They are excited to bring their combined 40 years of experience in concert, event planning and production to the foothills. 530-613-1865. 

Spirit Singles is a growing, spirited singles family that offers a new approach towards building relationships, networking and community with like-minded single people. Their mission is to offer a safe and inspiring place to explore new possibilities in life-relationships. They promote personal and spiritual growth, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Join now to enjoy your free online profile singles membership!

Green Singles members share a global consciousness influenced by holistic philosophies, green polititics, and a willingness to explore the mind, body, and spirit. They offer a free basic listing. A portion of profits from paying members is shared with non-profit groups dedicated to protecting the earth, it's people and animals. Many other features of Green Singles make this site an entire network of kindred souls.

Annapurna Restaurant "Cuisine of the Himalayas". Similar to Indian food, but not as heavy, Nepalese cuisine is exotic and spicy. Garlic, ginger, and mixes of Himalayan spices imbue Nepalese dishes with an extraordinarily appealing zest. Located at 12820 Rough and Ready Highway, at the intersection of Bittney Springs Road, just west of Grass Valley. Open for an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for $7.95, and a very expansive dinner menu. Not to be missed! 530-272-6229,

Sierra Friends Of Tibet Their mission is to raise awareness of Tibet and to advocate self-determination of the Tibetan people. They sponsor visits from Tibetan monks at various times during the year, and host the "Tibetan Radio Hour" on KVMR, 89.5 on Mondays at noon.

Spirit Voyage: Yoga Music, Meditation Music, Mantra Music, Sanskrit Chant, Relaxation Music, Nature Sounds, and World Music.  Spend hours and hours listening to samples of the most enlightening CD's available.  Featuring artists such as Snatam Kaur, Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Jai Uttal, Thomas Barquee, and many, many more.

Sacred Sounds Online Radio: "Our site showcases the finest “East meets West” artists who have recorded heart opening music by artfully combining melodies, mantras and lyrics from both hemispheres. These artists and this portal are dedicated to the transformational power of love and peace." Free! The place to download music of a higher vibration. Pick the songs you like, choose a format and buy them for your computer, mp3 player, mobile phone or iPod. We pick each piece of world music and each artist based on their authenticity and how they fit into a holistic lifestyle. If you’re looking for music to accompany a contemplative yoga practice, to motivate you to power through your daily workout, to help with relaxation for a massage, or just something to shift gears after battling the distractions of the workaday world, keep coming to this oasis and we’ll keep bringing you music dedicated to elevating consciousness.

3HO ~ "Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization": "Happiness is your Birthright!" was declared by Yogi Bhajan in 1969 when founding the 3HO organization. Their mission is to help people be "happy, healthy, and holy, and provide them with the time-proven technology and sacred science of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, a healthy vegetarian diet, and a philosophy of compassion and kindness".  Since then, people from all walks of life on every continent are practicing Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Yoga and have experienced their potential, realized peace in their inner world, and participated in a lifestyle that supports their health.

California Organics: Dedicated to providing great service and the best whole, organic food that can be found.  No trans fats, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring or manmade preservatives. The only store in the nation to feature 100% organic meat & fish.  Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch and to order.  Located at 135 Argall Way, Nevada City.  530-265-9392.

Briar Patch Co-op: A natural foods community market. New store located at 290 Sierra College Drive, Grass Valley. 530-272-5333.

Fudenjüce: Vegetarian Heaven!!!  Fresh organic juices, delicious organic wraps, salads, rice bowls, home-made vegan soups, all natural fruit smoothies, organic coffees, teas, and much more! Ask about Dave Brosh-Hansen's personal chef service, with wholesome ayurvedic specialties. 815 Zion Street, Nevada City. 530-559-1907.


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